William Winand Chocolatier
William Winand Chocolatier
Woodstock, Vermont
Fine French Chocolates and Patisserie Handcrafted in Vermont
Mendian ts
Ancient Mayan and Aztec legend holds that the god Quetzlcoatl brought cacao trees to the people, and he taught them to make chocolate. They believed that eating chocolate brought them wisdom and power. Today, people all over the world enjoy this mythical, magical food.
An Ancient Gift
At William Winand Chocolatier, we combine artisan chocolate making techniques with Vermont craftsmanship to produce French inspired chocolates of unparalleled quality and taste.

Our chocolates are handcrafted in small batches using Valrhona Couvertures. To this we add Vermont cream, butter, honey, and maple syrup plus the finest fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, flavors and liquors. Our goal is to create flavors and textures that compliment or enhance the true flavor of fine chocolate rather than to overwelm it.
Vermont Craftsmanship
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